The University of Hartford goes ALL IN!

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T.J. Hummel, Sports Editor

The University of Hartford’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) partnered with the America East Conference to compete in the “All In” college campus pledge. The challenge is dedicated to encouraging students to go out and vote in the upcoming presidential election.

The All IN Campus Democracy Challenge is a national awards program. By recognizing universities and college campuses for their commitment to increasing student voting rates, the Challenge encourages higher education institutions to help students form the habits of active and informed citizenship, encouraging them to vote.

In the America East Conference, UHart is joined by UMass Lowell, Stony Brook University, University of Maine, University of Vermont, and 5 other universities and colleges. Currently, the University of Hartford ranks 4th out of the 10 schools in the conference.

The America East partnered with the All IN Campus Democracy Challenge to encourage its institutions to get their students informed, involved, and registered to vote in the upcoming election, but also pledging to vote in every election, both local and national. The Conference also partnered with the Challenge to encourage student-athlete voting as well. Student-athletes will be able to use their platform, as representatives of the University of Hartford, to help encourage students on campus to get informed and involved with the election and as a general citizen.

When SAAC held the event earlier this month, they were able to get 80 pledges. If you missed the event, there is still time to join the America East and the University of Hartford in the All IN Campus Democracy Challenge. The link is here