Male Athlete of the Week


Justin Lockhart, Sports Editor

This week’s male athlete of the week goes to J.R. Lynch after helping the University of Hartford’s men’s basketball team finally get a win against UMBC this past week. It is safe to say that the game would not have been the same if Lynch wasn’t in play.

He was able to set a career-best 15 out of 16 three-pointers, which definitely helped the Hawks with their lead. This is even more impressive when you consider that 20 of the 28 points, he scored in the game came in the second half. This helped the Hawks to rally back and take the win. Lynch now currently leads the America East in his assist/turnover ratio with 2.0, as well as steals per game, averaging 2.3.

Lynch will continue to help the Hawks on their comeback this season as they all take a rest for this bye week coming up.