UHart Talent: Meet Ally Bueche

UHart Talent: Meet Ally Bueche

Asia Arce, Entertainment Editor

Ally Bueche is a junior at the University of Hartford, majoring in painting and minoring in education. Since she was 14 years of age, Bueche knew she wanted to become an art teacher. After being inspired by one of her past art teachers, Bueche decided to pursue a career in the arts.

When asked where she her inspiration comes from, she cited her recent trip to Italy, “I paint abstract cityscapes. I just came back from studying abroad in Cortona, Italy where there were a lot of fascinating buildings to look at that created interesting negative and positive shapes. I went around and sketched some buildings that were visually interesting and by doing so, I broke them down into the basic shapes, colors and values that they are. For my final compositions, I put together different sketches to create a unique composition and the colors I choose are inspired from the colors I saw frequently throughout Italy. However, I don’t create just abstract cityscape paintings. I also love creating collages and figure paintings/drawings and working with various types of mediums.”

Many turn to painting in order to relieve stress, which is exactly what she does. To her, painting is a way to forget the outside world and it enables her to solely focus on her art.

The community of UHart has definitely helped her with her art in terms of allowing her the ability to study abroad (she is willing to help anyone interested in GSU on Mondays from 11am-12pm). Her artwork can be found on Instagram using the handle @boosheaart.