Connecticut’s First Indoor Dog Park Opens Soon

Connecticut's First Indoor Dog Park Opens Soon

Michelle Brodsky, Staff Writer

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but if that is the case, why does it seem so difficult to find dog-friendly locations? Whether it be leaving your pup in the car or at home in a crate, dogs always seem to get the short end of the stick. Just last week, local residents tired of this disservice decided to open Connecticut’s first ever dog park. Wagging Tails Pet Resort and Spa, located at 635 New Park Avenue in West Hartford, opened earlier this month and “features an indoor dog park that promises to make owners’ cabin fever and [their] dog’s pent-up energy disappear during the winter months.”

Wagging Tails offers training, grooming, boarding, and other services and is open seven days a week. The owner, Krista Cugno Lofquist plans to expand the location and build a 4-foot deep pool as soon as she receives approval from the town. According to the doggie daycare’s website, the facility contains an indoor dog park along with an adjacent outdoor park that is perfect for sunny days. As the wind chill increases and the snow continues to fall, however, Wagging Tails offers a “respite from the brutal winter months.”

In a recent interview, Lofquist stated that her lifelong dream was to own her very own black lab but she did not realize the difficulties that came with raising a puppy. Inspired by her own struggles and deep love for dogs, Lofquist quit her day job and let her entrepreneurial spirit come into view. Taking her goals and turning them into reality, Lofquist began her journey by “walking around with rolls of quarters in [her] pockets” and advertising in the Yellow Pages. As she persevered, she gained popularity and her first Wagging Tails location in Wolcott now serves up to six thousand clients annually.

The building is separated into distinct areas for large dogs, small dogs, shier dogs, and more rambunctious dogs. There’s an area for training them, for grooming them, and for kennelling them. The staff members are all certified in pet CPR and pet language and the facility even offers off-hour services upon request. If you are looking for a place to take your beloved friend, your search is over because Wagging Tails has come to West Hartford!