The Informer California Trip Recap


Amanda Barreiro, Managing Editor

Our California trip was very interesting to say the least. Being on the other side of the country makes you think about all of the differences from home in the East Coast. The weather was in the mid 60’s with rain every so now and then. Although it was snowing here in Conn., the Informer staff was able to enjoy the rain showers while taking a nice stroll along the Pacific Ocean. It’s nice to arrive home from a trip, but it seemed like it ended too soon; we never wanted to leave! The state of California turned out to be way more expensive when it came to local convenience stores or alcohol prices, but it was all worth it at the end. Our National Scholastic Press Association (ACP) convention was held at the Hyatt Hotel which was on the skirts of UC San Diego School of Medicine campus.

The whole staff did some adventuring on the streets of La Jolla, despite the rainy weather conditions. We were able to take advantage of all restaurants which were right down the street from our hotel, along with fast food joints and fashion stores. Upon our adventuring, we found some scooters on the side of the street. We immediately tried to ride them until we realized we had to download the Bird and Lime electric scooter apps. Almost on every street corner, there would be a pile of electric scooters which is open to the public. By using an app on your cellphone, the user is able to add a balance to their account which they can use to spend on the bikes. Typically, there is a flat fee of $1 to ride the scooter, with 15 cents per minute used.

After that, the amount will be taken off the personal balance until needed to add more. We all thought that these scooters were a cool concept of public Segway’s for anyone to use. Especially for those who are on the run or even for even college students getting to class nearby. When your done using the scooter, you simply place it down on the street and lastly take a picture of where it is located. What’s great about the bird scooter is that you can technically leave it wherever you please. There are always Birds scooters laying around within the La Jolla region which makes it a convenient transpiration feature for those in California.