Keynote Speaker shares the causes and consequences of Illegal Immigration

Asia Arce, Entertainment Editor

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While in California, for the journalism convention, I had no idea what to expect. However, I must say that one of the keynote speakers, Don Bartletti, was truly amazing. His work mainly focuses on photo journalism, which is what interested me the most. Not because of the quality of the picture, but rather the content of the picture. Bartletti’s work explored the causes and consequences of illegal immigrants, which is a topic that I find dear to heart. What I really took out of his speech was the idea to never stop reporting on something, even if it is published. There have been many times in which I feel like some stories are just not finished. Yes, it is good enough to be published, but that does not necessarily mean that the story ends there? According to Bartletti, NO! I was really impressed with his work that he did with the border and the wall. He documented the differences across the border over the years. He wanted to show how simple it was to cross the border in the past, compared to now. Something like that, at least to me, is very profound and is just as impactful as words. I actually am currently looking up more of his work because I liked it so much. I like his piece on the boy who came to America, then later got deported. I do hope he continues on with him because his story was very interesting to me.