Nicki cancels once again

Nicki cancels once again

T.J. Hummel, Staff Writer

Nicki Minaj was forced to cancel another European show, this time in France. She broke the news to the fans in a very polite manner, saying that the venue did not have enough electricity to keep up with the show. She told the fans she was planning on making up both shows, but I guess that was not enough for fans.Inside the French venue, fans were chanting Cardi B’s namewho is another famous female rapper. 

In an Instagram apologyNicki says“But anyway, every artist — every artist — has technical difficulties and have to cancel shows. I want to tell you guys that I love you dearly and I really hope to make it up very soon.”  But, to her surprise, fans were still very unhappy with her, which caused fans to boo and chant Cardi B’s name. The two rappers, both hailing from New York, have had long-standing beef, resulting from rumors surrounding the lyrics of their joint song with Migos, “Motorsport.”

Fans may also remember the physical altercation the two had last year. The two rappers engaged in a fight touring the September 2018 New York Fashion Week that resulted in Cardi B throwing a shoe at Minaj and a huge welt on Cardi B’s forehead. The fight was started all over the questionwho was the better rapper? Fans are awaiting to see what Minaj’s next move will be. 

Her second cancellation comes after her and Cardi B’s separate remixes on the song “Thotiana” by Blueface. It is rumored that when notified that Cardi B was going to make a remix, the other rapper quickly asked to be a part of the song.

However, many critics praised Cardi B’s version over Minaj’s in terms of lyrical differences. Claiming that Cardi B. broke free of the rhyme pattern and created a new flow, while Minaj never once strayed from rhyming with the end of the word “thotiana.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the two rappers.