The Walking Dead “Chokepoint” Review

The Walking Dead

J.P. Simmons, Staff Writer


This past Sunday’s The Walking Dead episode “Chokepoint” might be the show’s best episode in a very long time. “Chokepoint” shows perspectives from two groups of the show. One plot is Daryl, along with Connie, Henry and Lydia finding their way up a building to prepare an ambush for Beta and a couple of his “Whisperers,” without the Whisperers’ protection of the zombie herd they arrived with to disguise themselves. 

Though Henry is injured during the ambush, he and Connie successfully stop the Whisperers from getting to Lydia. Daryl then has a one-on-one fight with Beta. 
The other plot of the episode also centers on the Kingdom and their attempts at making peace with a potential new enemy group. Knowing that the potential threat is possibly willing to negotiate, the Kingdom corner them before they can launch an attack.

The new group, called the “Highwaymen,” are convinced to put down their weapons when Carol gives them the opportunity to see a movie with the Kingdom if they assist in clearing the roads for the other communities to reach the Kingdom so that as many as possible can be present for the Kingdom’s fair. Upon realizing that Henry and Daryl are still missing from their communities, a search party is made to locate and find them. 

This episodein particular, felt like a return to the suspense that made the show the popular phenomenon that it did. The plot points weren’t as bland as modern TWD episodes have become in recent seasons and the acting was on point. 

For me, the biggest highlight of the episode was the fight between Daryl and Beta due to them both being the trackers and overall protectors of their respective groups. Their fight sequence was what made the episode feel like a return to the old-fashioned that always had the audience at the edge of their seatwaiting in anticipation of something big to happen.

As the season finale is approaching, many are worried about what will happen to their favorite characters. While the television show is not exactly the same as the comics, there are certain major events that take place the at the show does not forget about. 

If one is knowledgable about the comics, one may know about the vent that has every “Walking Dead” fan scared. Stay tuned for more spoilers, discussions, and analyses of the show. Overall, my review of this episode is a 4.2/5.