Three years spent at the Village Apartments in Quad 5


Justin Lockhart, Sports Editor

I am currently a senior at this University who has been living in quad five in the village for three years now. With the room selection process well underway, I thought it might be worthwhile to share my experience in this quad for any of those students trying to secure a spot in the coveted 5s. When I moved into the quad my sophomore year, I had wild expectations for the area, thought I would never be able to get my work done and thought that every day was going to be one huge party. That was far beyond the case for me. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people I know who have had to drop out because they were unable to balance work and play living in the fives. However, if you have strong willpower and always remember why you are at the University, you will be fine living there. But apart from the social aspect of my homethere are some condition issues that any prospective fives resident should be made aware of. 

First, there is almost always broken glass surrounding the walkway and the lawn. No one ever seems to know how it got there, but the late nights always see a bottle or two smashed on the ground. The next word of caution would be the constant flooding when it rains. Although I have constantly written about the sub-par walkways at this school, the flooding has only gotten worse. This is because there isn’t much anyone can do about the fives flooding. There is always a lake of water directly outside my door when it rains. If you end up living in this quad you will need to walk through the mud to avoid the ankle-deep water. 

The last thing you should be warned of is the noise. The fives is constantly awake and there is constantly someone getting rowdy somewhere in the quad. If you need absolute silence to sleep, I won’t recommend this area. Despite all of thisI have returned to my apartment every year without a single regret because the fives is always bustling with activity and good times. This is definitely one of the most social places I have ever been on campus and would choose to live here another year if I could. So for anyone who finds their self in my apartment next year, treat it with care and enjoy every second.