Kehlani Welcomes 1st Child!

Kehlani Welcomes 1st Child!

Asia Arce, Entertainment Editor

Oakland singer, Kehlani gave birth to her daughter over the weekend. Named Adeya Nomi, this is the first child for the singer and her partner, Javie Young-White.

The daughter of the singer arrived after an unmedicated, natural birth.

A plan Kehlani was adamant before her actual due date.

Fans of the singer can remember the countless posts showcasing Kehlani’s mid-wife and her journey for a natural childbirth.

Young-White took to his Instagram to congratulate Kehlani and commend her for not only having a natural childbirth, but for also doing it while standing up,

“Adeya is home. Kehlani gave birth at home standing up, unmediated, into my arms as we spoke her 1st words to her”.

The 23 year old singer asked those to respect her privacy at this time as she is not yet going to  post any pictures of her daughter.

Kehlani just recently dropped her newest mixtape last month.

Since releasing it, Kehlani has garnered more attention and has songs that are currently moving up on the Billboard list.

Stay tuned for more updates!