Love, Death & Robots Review


Asia Arce, Entertainment Editor

Love, Death & Robots is an animated short series on Netflix, in which every episode is a completely different show (think of Black Mirror in a sense.)

This series includes drama, comedy, mystery, love, death, fantasy and horror within all of the individual episodes. 

While this series may showcase different formats of animation, it is not intended for children AT ALL. 
Almost every episode is very graphic, in some way or another.

The visuals of each episode are stunning and keep audiences entertained. Since the story of each episode is over once the episode ends, many fans have asked for certain episodes to be turned into films or actual series. 

Here are the episodes that many on social media have talked about the most: “The Witness”, “Beyond the Aquila Drift”, “A Helping Hand”, “Lucky 13”, “Three Robots and “Ice Age.” 

recommend this show for anyone who is interested in animation of any sort, as well as anyone who likes action and drama. For the most part, every episode will satisfy those wants of people. 

What makes this show different?
 There is nothing like it. The graphics in show are out of this world.