Safety tips for this weekend’s annual event

Safety tips for this weekends annual event

Justin Lockhart, Sports Editor

With the University’s annual Spring Fling event coming up this weekend, there are a few safety tips that everyone should abide by to ensure that a great time doesn’t turn into a terrible time. This especially goes out to freshman who have never seen a spring fling event before. It is a great time as CAT provides the student body with events and games during Friday and Saturday. This year, there are also DJ booths that will allow each quad to have a unique experience. However, be careful with how crazy you allow yourself and your friends to get. It is far too easy to let yourself get carried away which could result in some student conduct meetings. Despite what the atmosphere will feel like, this weekend is not a time where all rules are suspended and you can get away with anything you want. It is true that everyone will be partying outside and blasting their own music, but you still cannot get away with any kind of violence or vandalism. Over the past three spring flings I have seen during my college career I have seen people drink too much and get transported to the hospital, people get detained for fighting, and people break-up with each other because of the stupid decisions they make. Spring Fling is a great time to let loose some stress and forget about all the finals that are coming up, it increases student morale and the atmosphere on campus as a whole. However, you have been warned of the flip side of the coin as well. Try and think before you do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do if it wasn’t this time of year. That being said, have a great time this Spring Fling, it is always an event to remember.