Not Such a Terrible Spring Fling After All

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Not Such a Terrible Spring Fling After All

Asia Arce, Entertainment Editor

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Out of the three years that I have been at this school, I can say that out of all of the spring flings I’ve attended, this one was the least eventful… but not necessarily in a bad way.

When I heard the news that there would be no concert for this year’s spring fling, I was bummed.

What else is there to do and look forward to if an artist isn’t coming?

However, I must say, that while Spring Fling didn’t end with a bang, it still had its high moments.

For one, I thought that the carnival rides were an amazing decision.

They were a nice distraction from what could have been a regular weekend staring at the television screen. I also thought that the rides were pretty tamed and fun considering the available space the university could offer.

My suggestion for future spring flings, because I really did enjoy the rides portion, is to keep it free and maybe bring in a new set of rides for the night time just so that people are out and about again on campus.

I thought the DJ Battle was a weak idea that could have been executed a bit better. I went to the battles and personally, I had an amazing time.

My friends performed personal music as well as DJed for the night.

What I wish happened was that more people came out to listen to them.

Many people on campus claim that they want to dance and want to party and have time to destress, and I feel like that event is perfect for that.

Maybe it needs to be advertised better, but I definitely think it’s worth keeping for next time as well.

Besides the events provided but the school, spring fling was fun for me because we planned for the worst.

My friends and I made sure to make a playlist in advance, get games, and think of things to do in advanced just in case we were bored by every option on campus.

In all, I’m just saying that yes, I have had better spring flings. However, this one wasn’t all too bad. In the end all people need to have a good time are good people and some good music and some good food.