Students Present at Undergraduate Colloquium This Thursday

Michelle Mor, Staff Writer

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On Thursday, April 18 from noon to 6:15, University students, staff, and faculty are invited to The Undergraduate Colloquium on Creativity and Research.

In celebration of Honors Week, the colloquium will spread itself throughout all the rooms and floors of the 1877 Club in the Harry Jack Gray Center.

Students from across colleges and undergraduate majors are to present exemplary work, inspired by their courses and unique interests in their focus study.

The presentations will bring to life the honors theses, academic essays, scientific experiments, business plans, artworks, teaching internships, musical talent, engineering projects that have been stewing across campus this academic year.

The creativity, and ingenuity that has developed in the private quarters of each major will be revealed and united at an event dedicated to the diverse work happening across campus.

“It is important for students to attend the Undergraduate Colloquium so they can admire the exemplary work of their peers, and so they, especially first- and second-year students, can be inspired to aim for similar levels of academic and artistic excellence,” Dr. Donald Jones, director of the Honors Program, told The Informer. Dr. Donald Jones describes organizing an Undergraduate Colloquium as a way to honor students who are excelling in their field of study.

“It’s easy to get lost in the daily efforts of classes and assignments, and then to overlook the ultimate goal of great achievement,” Jones said.

“Many of our students to reach those levels, and we should have at least one-day university-wide to celebrate and enjoy their excellence.”

Students who participate and attend the event accept an open invitation to practice professional skills, on both the presentation side and the active listening side.

“A Colloquium presentation is another step on a student’s intellectual development as he or she goes from classroom learning to a public presentation,” Dr. Donald Jones commented.

The Undergraduate Colloquium on Creativity and Research is organized by the University Honors Program and is part of an Honors Week held to showcase the inner workings and tools the program offers students.