Lil Dicky Releases New Song “Earth”

Asia Arce, Entertainment Editor

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On April 19, Rapper Lil Dicky released “Earth.” Featuring an array of artists ranging from Justin Bieber to Bad Bunny and even Psy, the song brings awareness to global warming. The song also stresses the need for the world to come together and stop polluting the planet. What makes viewers stay to listen to a an almost 5 minute song about the Earth, besides the different artists, is the music video. The music video features all of the artists on the song as different things found on the planet. Justin Bieber is a baboon. Snoop Dogg is a marijuana plant, and Lil Dicky is animated as a caveman version of himself. While the animations in the music video may make one feel as if they are watching a child’s show, the content of the song itself contradicts that. The lyrics of the song contain explicit words and bring attention to controversial topics. For example, in on the lines, the rapper contemplates whether or not his reality is real and whether everyone is living in a simulation. All proceeds of this song will go to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.