The Marvel Universe’s Amazing Culmination


Justin Lockhart, Managing Editor

Ever since the release of Iron Man back in 2008, the Marvel Universe has had the opportunity to be shown on the big screen so many times. End Game, which is in theaters this Friday, makes 22 movies all together. If you haven’t seen each and every one of these intense, dramatic, and hilarious movies, then you have to sit down and binge as many as you can in a row. When Iron Man first came out, there was a scene after the credits which alluded to something even bigger than the simple billionaire superhero’s story. This end scene, which has become a very popular move at the end of all the Marvel movies, was furthered at the end of Hulk when Tony Stark confronts the general about putting a team together. Ever since that moment, Marvel fans and just movie fans in general couldn’t wait for the ultimate climax movie with everyone’s favorite superheroes in it. That sort of happened with the first Avengers movie, but even in that move, there was an end scene which showed just how insignificant of a threat Loki really was because there was someone else behind the scenes pulling all of the strings. We didn’t find out until very recently that this mystery man was Thanos, a genocidal alien who thinks that killing off half of every living thing in existence is the only way to save life throughout the cosmos. Then we were given Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, a new Spiderman reboot, and so many more great characters. I can’t wait to finally see the entire culmination that has been over 10 years in the making. Some have said that all these super hero movies are for younger kids and don’t have any serious merit of its own. I whole-heartedly disagree with these haters. While the idea of a super hero is something more childish and not at all realistic in our society, the movies have great underpinning themes that are very relatable and very much present within our society. Tony Stark experiences PTSD from his time battling aliens, a condition far too real for so many people. There are characters who have lost loved ones and show that emotion very well throughout the line of movies. The ever-present question of “who am I” is constant throughout almost all of the epic movies. I highly recommend watching all of the movies in chronological order, which of course starts off with Captain America, as it takes place far before any other movie during World War II. If you were to do this all in one sitting including Endgame, which I highly doubt anyone is able to do, it would take you 47 hours and 48 minutes. That is 12 minutes short of two full days, this does not take into consideration bathroom breaks, food runs, or having to pause the movies to discuss the events with your friends. All-in-all, the movies from the Marvel Universe simply can’t be compared to any other franchise in history. The series of movies has made so much money, made so many fans, and I’m not sure what they plan on doing next after Endgame. Maybe they will try and keep the story line going, maybe they will just kill everyone off and try and start fresh. No matter what they do, I just hope that they are able to bring together the other Marvel characters who were unable to make it in the culmination of heroes in the Avengers like the X-men, Fantastic 4, Blade, and so many others.