How Early Is Too Early For A Gym Session?


Mason Brooks, Sports Editor

How early is too early to go to the gym? The answer is you can never go to the gym early enough. Your first sip of water in the morning should be packed with pre-workout to get you pumped for the ensuing workout.  This is sarcastic of course, but there are real benefits to going to the gym to start your day.  I’m no expert and am certainly not pulling from peer-reviewed articles to bring this piece to you, however I do know one thing: the grind never stops.  As someone who goes to the gym a staggering once a week, my workout resume speaks for itself, but I digress.  There really are plenty of stories and workout articles speaking to the benefits of going to the gym early in the morning.  Getting your heart pumping, and early stimulation sets you up for an entire day.  Assuming you get enough sleep, waking up at the crack of dawn and making your way over to the local YMCA, Planet Fitness, or University of Hartford Sportscenter is the best thing you can do for your body.  That raises the question though, how early is too early to go to the gym? If you’re working out and there’s nothing but paid programming on the TV, it’s too early.  If you’re driving to the gym and there’s nobody out on the road, it’s too early.  If you call your grandparents and they’re not awake yet, it is definitely too early to go to the gym.  While there are certainly benefits to working out early, please guys, we have to be respectful to our bodies.  A good night’s sleep is the best pre workout you could possibly have.  So next time you want to watch the sunrise from the view on the treadmill, make sure you’re ready for the long day ahead.