Why Can’t I Use the Kitchen in My Own Complex?

Asia Arce, Entertainment Editor

I have been living in the E&F Complexes for two years now, ever since sophomore year.

At the beginning of this school year, a kitchen addition was added to F comp, but only for international students.

My opinion: I think everyone living in E&F, or at least F comp, should have access to the kitchen.

The amount of times I have come back to my room from class, starving by the way, trying to find food to eat is endless.

This is especially true towards this part in the semester when dining dollars and meal swipes are running close to empty.

The strong, amazing smell of food coming from the kitchen does not help either.

I have a lot of late classes so I understand that finding dinner can be very hard.

It wouldn’t be that hard though if I had access to the kitchen.

I wouldn’t have to worry about running to Hawksnest and Commons before they close, or worrying about constantly eating Subway because it’s the only thing open.

If I had access to the kitchen, I would get my food and I wouldn’t have to go completely out of my way for it.

How come the international students get to have access to the kitchen and other residents in the complex don’t?

If there were a lot of students in F comp, I could see why there would be a restriction for who uses it, but compared to the other housing areas, E&F has the least people living in it.

All I’m saying is that I shouldn’t be tempted with a kitchen if I can’t use it.