Avengers: Endgame Review


J.P. Simmons, Staff Writer

The time has finally come and Avengers: Endgameis in theaters and is ‘snapping’ records previously held by past films with a whopping $1.2 billion opening in only its first weekend. As a longtime Marvel fan, this film is one that I’ve waited a long time for with lots of preparation and anticipation. Infinity War left a huge hole in many Marvel fans’ hearts, but Endgameis here to rejuvenate everyone’s faith and loyalty in the series.

            Endgamepicks up where Infinity Warleft off and explains what the remaining Avengers do after their brutal defeat at the hand of Thanos. Five years after Thanos’ onslaught, the Avengers are split up and appear to have no direction forward except to cope with their defeat and struggle with telling others to “move on,” despite the fact that the Avengers don’t. In the midst of global despair, a certain familiar character (not gonna say who) finds their way to the Avengers’ compound and theorizes a way to possibly reverse the damage done by Thanos. Though some Avengers are hesitant at first, the original Avengers eventually agree to team up with some newcomers and take on their biggest enemy one last time in a journey that transcends time.

            Like Infinity War, Endgame has a ton of characters to juggle in a film that spans three hours and it does so brilliantly. Each character is given their fantastic moments to shine and the opportunity to showcase their different abilities. Both films were also directed by Joe & Anthony Russo, who are also credited with directing Captain America: The Winter Soldierand Captain America: Civil War. Many characters receive limited screen time compared to others, but that comes with the territory with a film of this degree.

            A slight problem that I had with this film was some of the fluff that it had and some of the plot events that don’t work well with some characters. Some of these little details, though, can be easily overlooked and even if they were scrutinized, they wouldn’t bring the film down that low.

            I should also address the feels of the film. Because Endgameis the culmination of a 22-film story, there was, no doubt, bound to be some emotional points. Each character also had to have some sort of a good send-off due to the facts that some may be confirmed to not reprise their roles again, but audiences also may never see new footage of this classic lineup of Avengers ever again. The emotional scale of this film is obvious and many of the goodbyes that we have to say to some of our favorites are heart-wrenching. All good things must come to an end, however, and Endgame couldn’t have assembled the right elements for this farewell any perfectly. I also want to note that I found the last few moments of the film to be one of the most special in the entire series.

            Overall, my review of Avengers: Endgameis a 9.3/10.