Men’s Soccer Season is back in full-swing

Chaz Young, Sports Editor

The 2019 men’s soccer season didn’t go all off to a fast start, but after the third game away from UHART, the team won and is trying to rose rise back to the dominating field of college soccer. With a roster currently consisting of twenty-seven players and six coaches, the team has undergone some changes since last, but just as good as before. The first two games did not go so well for the team. In their first game of the season, the team loss to Cal State Fullerton, in a score of 2-0.

In their second game away from home, the team loss to UC Riverside in a score of 2-1. Player Nick Benjamin, who took control of the teams social media page said in a few words that they were not happy with the outcome, but were getting stronger and more in-control for their third game of the new season. In their third game of the season, the UHART team brought in the win, winning over Brown in a final score of 2-1. As the team prepares for many more games just this month, they hope to pull-off more victories in hopes of making championship games at the end of the season.

In addition to the 2019 season, new captains have also taking command of the team. Senior students Gael Kisombe, Aitor Elena, and Jimmy Slayton are the new captains for the 2019 men season for the UHART Men’s Soccer team. The 2019 season will also see the addition of over ten new players to the team, all of-which are mostly upperclassmen, with high expectations from coaches and fans of UHART.

As the new season kicks-off with new players, new captains, and more support on and off the field, means more fresh plays from the players, newer attitudes, new vibes, but most important, more wins. The men’s soccer team next game is against Niagara this Friday in Niagara Falls, New York. Followed by another game on Sunday, against St. Bonaventure in Olean, New York. A game that will be broadcast on ESPN+ and will the first time of the season in-which two games are played within the same weekend. The team currently stands at 1-2 in the season, let’s see what comes next in the series of games.

We wish the men’s team good luck, and hope they can pull-up more wins as the season goes forward.

Picture Credit: Hartford Hawks Athletics