Andrew Luck’s Retirement from the NFL


Chaz Young, Sports Editor

Andrew Luck’s Retirement announcement was the biggest surprises of the summer for the NFL industry. Luck, a former quarterback with the Indianapolis Colts, retired from the sport of football citing personal reasons, and health concerns.

Luck expressed how much he loves the sport, but needed to stop training in-order to focused more on himself. Luck who began his career in 2012 and ended it in 2019 with the Colts, has been compared as being one of the greatest athletes of all time. From Lebron James, to Michael Phelps and Michael Jordan of all time greatest athletes.

Luck is one of the youngest players ever to retire at such a young age of  just twenty-nine. Even though fans were left disappointed and left the Colts in a sticky situation right before the season started, everyone was understanding, given physical problems that have plagued Luck’s career in recent years.

We wish Luck well wishes on his next major project, and hopefully he will remain with the sport, in a position were he is a sports presenter, rather than a player. Only time will tell.

The 2019-2020 NFL season has already got underway, is there another player out there in the world that can reach to the level of Andrew Luck, we just have to keep our eyes open as time goes on.

Photo Credit: Michael Conroy