Coco, The New Face of Tennis

Chaz Young, Sports Editor

The young talented Coco Gauff, the rising and future star of tennis is only fifteen, but acting already as a champion in her own way. Pulling-off unexpected comebacks in sets, and being looked upon as the underdog, who has the potential in being one of the youngest champions ever in a professional tennis environment. 

Having made the fourth round of Wimbledon and the round of the US Open for the 2019 seasonGauff has already proved her capabilities as a player, a fighter, and overcomer on and off the court. She went into Wimbledon as just being selected based-off her tennis history, making her the youngest player to play at Wimbledon in decades. 

In the first round of Wimbledonshe beat Venus Williams in straight sets, which made her a household name automatically by beating one of the greatest tennis players in the game of the sport. By many she is seen as the future of tennis, at only fifteen years of age, there’s no telling what she can do within the next few years, or she will be in the next decade. 

Will she have as many titles as the great Serena Williams, only time will tell, but shes on the right track. In addition to being a professional athlete now, she was once a former world number one junior player, having won one junior Grand Slam, and another Grand Slam in doubles. 

She was the runner-up at the 2017 US Open junior singles, which to date, made her the youngest finalist at the event ever, in the tournament‘s decade history.

Photo Credit: Luigi Gatto.