Women’s volleyball dishes out another win


Chaz Young, Sports Editor

UHART women’s volleyball excel at battling Binghamton Bearcats last week, during an evening game in Vestal, New York, on Oct 4. The team was able to bring home gold to UHART, in a final score of 3-1. Improving to 2-0 in the America East Action, and finishing their tenth game with a 10-7 in the season.

During the opening set, the Hawks and Bearcats got jumbled up in a 20-20 draw, with “The Hawks” holding on to a lean 22-20 lead. The middle sets were Binghampton’s to keep, tackling the sport in every capacity. During the final fourth set, the Bearcats push forward within just one point, however, it was the Hawks who came back to deliver the final two points to take the win.

In addition to that, they also completed their fifth best victory so far in the season for the 2019-2020 college school year. During the Friday game junior player Abby Nash and freshman player Maddie Lindsay brought the fierceness to the tournament, with both players combined for 31 kills as they beat rivals Binghamton.

For 2019-2020 season, player Nash has compiled 16 kills for a game best, while Lindsay added the remaining 15. The Hawks will be at home in West Hartford this Friday and Sunday, as they gear-up for the next two America East matches.

The team will be ready to take on UMBC this Friday at 7:00 pm, before battling New York’s UAlbany on Sunday, with game time set for 5:00 pm.