Men’s Soccer wins 11 straight games


Chaz Young, Sports Editor

Men’s soccer extends yet again their winning streak to ten unbeaten games as they beat New York Team, Stony Brook in the America East Play last Friday evening. The team stands 10-2 in the season and have set a new record for winning the most games, tying a best record so far in the last couple of years in being in the Division 1 category.

Sophomore player Nick Benjamin who scored his first goal during the teams last match, scored yet another goal for the 2019-2020 season. Benjamin made an attempt to do a last minute shot, which was good and lifted “The Hawks” to another victory of the soccer field. In addition to Benjamin’s performance at last week’s game, he now leads the team in scoring with seven points from several goals and one assist. The team defensive plays also counted in-part for their 1-0 win over Stony Brook, as the team was not just fierce, but unstoppable on the field.

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, the Men’s soccer team returned to their home turf, known as Al-Marzook field. In-which was for a non-conference game up-against New Jersey team, Rutgers. Kick-off began at 7:00 pm on a mild but brisk evening, and after a few minutes the game was already in full swing. Being broadcast on ESPN+ for the second time this season, their were many angles and observations that were made from watching coverage on a television or mobile device, that created even for more excitement. The team won their 11th straight match resulted in yet another draw, the team tied 2-2 with Rutgers as their winning streak continues to dominate the field of soccer. Several players were highlighted throughout the game with amazing plays and defensive moves, players consist of Tomer Drimmer, Connor Aksoz, Jovante Etienne, and Rasmus Karlsson to name a few. Drimmer made 3 shots and one goal during the game, Aksoz made 1 shot and goal, Etienne made just one shot but had two assists during the match, and finally, Karlsson had no goals and assists, but manage to get in three 3 shots during the game.

“The Hawks” now stand at 7-2-4 in the season. UHART will stay at Al-Marzook field this weekend, as they take on Vermont during the events of Hawktober Weekend this Saturday, October 19th. During halftime of the game, the 1999 men’s soccer team will be recognized for all of their accomplishments of winning the America East Championship. Kickoff will begin at 4:00 pm, on what is to be a beautiful day in West Hartford.