Women’s Golf Goes for Gold


Angelina Pemberton, Staff Writer

The women’s golf team from the University of Hartford took home the gold, as the team went for victory during their latest match-up at the Sacred Heart Classic this past weekend. A tournament that saw some incredible plays, determination, teamwork, and showcased the definition of focus at its finest in-regards to all the players in-attendance. Junior player Maria Loza, who has already led the team in her own way to some of the best incredible comebacks in UHart golf history, saw herself take home the silver by placing second in the tournament. This comes after Loza has led the women’s golf team to some amazing comebacks in standings after being down in previous games. Rookie and freshman player Lara Yeung placed third behind Loza for the Hawks who finished the tournament six strokes ahead of runners-up, Brown. Also helping out with the team ranking in the competition was junior player Brooke MacKinnon and senior player Caitlin Maralack. Both players on the team also rose to the occasion, with them finishing within the top 20 of the Tournament and making huge efforts to help out The Hawks. The women’s golf team has won a number of tournaments for the 2019-2020 season so far, with no sides of slowly down, thanks in-part to the hardworking women of the team who have fire under their feet.\