UHart Women’s Rugby Improves to 4-0


Alex Ortiz, Director of Communications

On Sunday, October 20th, the UHart women’s rugby team traveled to Maine to improve their record to 4-0. The final score was 21-57.

The scoring kicked off very early in the game as Hartford took a quick 12 to nothing lead over Maine. Two goals were tries, as Rama Sisay and Hunter Selvaggi had two tries for 10 points, as a CV score was also scored by Emily Hannemann.

In those next ten minutes of the game, Rama Sisay scored on two tries and Emily Hannemann was able to get the CV score for both plays. Rama Sisay had 6 tries total in the game as she scored on all 6. Emily Hannemann was able to convert on each CV score.

Maine had got their first score in the 25th minute of the game, as Elaina DeRiso was able to get Maine 5 points. Maine’s offense struggled as the Hartford Hawks were able to play a very solid defense. Margaret Aydlett had 5 tries that were all good for Maine, but it was not enough for the win.

The next matchup for Hartford Women’s Rugby will be on Saturday, October 26, as they will travel to face Coast Guard. The women’s rugby team is looking to improve their record to 5-0, as they gear up for their matchup.

PHOTO CREDIT: willpaulphotos

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