School District Debates Climate Change Curriculum

Michelle Brodsky, News Editor

As climate change debates proliferate, increasing numbers of students have taken action to address global warming.

While many scientists argue that global warming is man-made, the scientific consensus remains unclear.

Last Tuesday, the Edmonton school board debated the extent to which man-made climate change should be taught as a fact instead of a theory.

One of the trustees, Sherry Adams, argued that the school board would be providing a disservice by not presenting students with both sides of the narrative. She stated, “there is credible research conducted and reported by more than a few reputable scientists, their respected institutions of higher education, who (say) that the science is not settled.”

She also cited a “ 2015 review of studies disputing anthropogenic climate change found methodological flaws, missing context and ignored data.”

The Canadian school board members also discussed whether to allow students to miss class to attend a local climate action event. With the exception of Adams, the school board voted unanimously in favor of the students.