Larceny and Burglaries at UHart

Michelle Brodsky, News Editor

Last week, the University of Hartford saw a multitude of burglaries, larcenies, and even a robbery. Most of these incidents took place in the village apartments, primarily quads six and seven.

According to Chief Kaselouskas, larceny is the most common crime because people tend to not lock their doors or secure their items.

He stated that all of the incidents were crimes of opportunity and were not premeditated. It is believed that the same individuals committed all the crimes, but their identity has not yet been discovered.

In order to promote a safe and secure environment, Public Safety is working with the Office of Residential to identify the suspects. Additionally, the University of Hartford is launching a door-to-door campaign to ensure that all doors are locked and not propped open. The night after the attack, public safety discovered 26 opened doors in the village. According to Chief Kaselouskas, the best way to keep oneself safe is to report suspicious activity and keep doors locked at all times.