Men’s soccer loses yet again


Chaz Young, Sports Editor

The UHart men’s soccer team loses yet another game, as their winning streak continues to drop as they lost two out of their last three games within two weeks. The men’s soccer team lost to New Hampshire during Saturday’s late night game.

New Hampshire currently ranking number 14 in the rankings, won over Hartford in a brutal final score of 5-0. In the first half of the tournament, New Hampshire scored 3 points. Follow by scoring two additional points to score on the board and win the game shutting out The Hawks, who didn’t score in either half of the game. UHart players Aitor Elena, Jimmy Slayton, Rasmus Karlsson, Tomer Drimmer, and Evan Daddona are stood-out in the game with some making first appearances, and others managing strong defensive plays and incredible effort on the field in an attempt to win or at least have had scored a point.

The Hawks drop to 2-2-1 in league play, despite their winning close to twelve games since September, the results of losing two out of three games puts The Hawks back more in their overall ranking as a team. The Hartford Hawks will head back to their home turf at Al-Marzook Field, as they continue their America East Play with a matchup game against Binghamton from New York. The game is set to launch on Saturday, November 2nd. Kick-off will be at 7:00 pm on what is expected to be a mild evening in Connecticut.

Prior to game on Saturday, just before kick-off, The Hawks will be honoring the five players from its senior class, as they begin their final hurdle as college students and players for the University of Hartford. As the weather gets colder, the season for The Hawks will be wrapping-up shortly. The men’ soccer team has to win at least the next few games in order to secure a high ranking to qualify for championship tournaments and clinching spots in the America East. A season that started off good is in jeopardy of being cut short in-light of the two losses that dealt a major blow for the team.

In addition, the University of Hartford is expanding their flyers and marketing practices for games, for both soccer teams for men and women. School spirit has been the main issue on campus for quite some time, so school officials are trying to showcase and get more clubs and organizations involved with sporting events. All this in an attempt to gain more of an audience to come out and support not just the soccer team but all sports, considering the last few games for all sports turnouts haven’t been the best overall, with more staying in the first half of all games but not continuing to the second half. Which is something the university and the team is trying to solve by winning more games, sponsoring more events, and having more team spirit throughout the campus.