Halloween Do’s and Don’ts


Danielle Hart, Staff Writer

With Halloweekend right around the corner, I have compiled a list of some Do’s and Don’ts to get you through the spooky holiday. Before anything else, a major must is to dress up. Dressing up in a costume for Halloween is what it is all about, and you should take part in this festivity.  Do: have multiple costumes ready for the weekend, because getting to not only dress up once, but three times this year is the best. Don’t: put no zero effort into your costume. Now, you don’t have to go all out and dress to the nines, but put some pep in your step and make sure your costume is one that is well done; people will notice that extra effort.

One thing that is a huge Halloween misconception, is that ladies, or anyone in general, have to wear costumes that are revealing or degrading. While this may be the basis of many costume designs, one thing to keep in mind is that with the changing of the seasons, it is most likely going to be within the 40-50 degree range, so do: dress accordingly. With so many costumes to choose from, and so many interpretations, you are bound to find something that keeps you warm, but gets the point across as to what you are for the holiday.

A hot topic now with Halloween, is cultural appropriation. Make your costumes creative, but not offensive. Do: pick a costume that suits you, and your cultural and racial identity. Don’t: choose something that changes your skin color, or appropriates elements of a culture that is not your own. Although Halloween is fun for everyone to dress up in cool costumes, just pick something that will not offend or cause a problem for those around you. It is everyone’s right to enjoy the holiday so keep others in mind.

Since Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, many students ages 21 and over will likely be going out to the bar or finding parties to celebrate the holiday. Do: have fun, but don’t: go overboard. The point of going out and having fun is to always be safe, but things can quickly become spooky if you overindulge. Also, keep in mind that we are in the part of the semester where school work starts ramping up so if you have work to do, do not blow it off even though it is a holiday. Make sure if you’re trick or treating, or out at the bar, that you know where you are, and have a group of friends surrounding you to ensure a fun and Happy Halloweekend!