Natural gas leak reported at the University of Hartford

Jack Breton, Staff Writer

The leak was reported just before 3 pm in the area of Park River and Lincoln Theater.

At 2:40 pm, a campus-wide alert was sent out reading the following: “Emergency on Campus. Natural gas leak on campus near park river, Lincoln theater. Avoid the area.”

The university additionally sent out a message on Twitter, urging people to avoid the affected areas.

Officials from Connecticut Natural Gas said that a contractor doing work in the area accidentally hit a gas service line.

Gas service lines run from gas mains to “a specific customer or property” – in this case, the University of Hartford.

Connecticut Natural Gas, Public Safety, and other officials were dispatched to the scene.

University Drive was closed between D-Lot and Mark Twain drive out of an abundance of caution.

By 3:21 p.m, the gas leak had been eliminated.

The university sent out another message reading that the gas leak had been fixed but to “continue to avoid Lincoln theater, Park River, Village 7, and University drive between Mark Twain drive and D-lot”.

However, by 3:40 pm the University had re-opened all buildings and roads after confirming that all areas were safe.

Natural gas in high concentrations can cause dizziness and asphyxiation and has an odor often compared to sulfur or rotten eggs.

In enclosed spaces, natural gas vapors can ignite if given a proper source of ignition.

Natural gas leaks can be hazardous and should be reported immediately if one is suspected to have occurred.

Students and faculty were encouraged to avoid the area even after the threat had been controlled.

There are believed to have been no injuries but anybody who feels symptomatic is urged to call health services.