Gift Giving: Tips and Tricks

Danielle Hart, Staff Writer

December has rolled around yet again, and if you find yourself not knowing what to get someone for the holidays, I’m here to share some holiday help. For moms, dads, significant others, or even your pet, there’s something for everyone. For parents, one tip I found that is really helpful is getting them anything for the home. Kitchen appliances, frames to hang of you and your siblings, or even scented candles would be a safe gift. Parents will even be okay with a handmade ornament or card; whatever comes from you they will cherish.

Shopping for siblings can actually be really easy. If your siblings are constantly taking your clothes like mine, get them an item of clothing that they borrow often. It’s a win-win. If they are not into that, get them something that will be useful to them. If they have been talking about getting a new xbox controller or a new makeup brush set, get that!

When it comes to difficult shopping, looking for your significant other certainly qualifies. Getting a funny “gag gift” can be a cute way to appreciate them during the holidays. If you are more of the sentimental type, make them a memory book or something that connects both of you together. Last year, I saved up all my money to surprise my boyfriend with football tickets. What I found to be a pro-tip was to buy something for the person they can experience, rather than just gifting a material item. It can cost a lot sometimes for that experience, but it will be extremely worth it to whoever you are gifting it to.

Another tip is to be open to spend money. Whether it’s five dollars or $300, budget your expenses when finding the perfect gift. If you have multiple people to shop for like I do, get multiples of one cheaper item. They can become easy stocking stuffers, and especially if you’re involved in a secret gift exchange, little items under $10 can go a long way.

If you genuinely do not know what to get someone, just ask! It never hurts to ask someone what they want for the holiday season. That way, you know exactly what they want, and their expectations are met. You can even ask for gift lists, that way there are multiple things that range in price on it, that you can pick from. Personally, my family has a group email, that all of us put our gift lists in, we sorted through what each person was expecting, and then some. Holiday shopping can be really stressful, just remember that gift giving is a way of appreciating the ones around you.

No matter what the gift is, how long it took you to get, or how expensive it was, it still is thoughtful and fulfilling. Even if you do not receive the things on your list, appreciate what gifts you did get, and be thankful for the people who thought of you this holiday season.