The Power of Manifestation

Megan Miller, Editor in Chief

As we go through life, we hope for all these good things to happen to us. Whether it be getting a job you applied for, losing weight, or getting a good grade on your test, whatever you believe in can help guide you to where you need to go. Manifestation, by definition, essentially means using your “energy” to make something you want to happen to evolve.

Now, this isn’t all about religion, in fact, this has nothing to do with religion. The power of believing in what you want to happen is strong. When you think something bad is going to happen or say, “I am going to fail this,” it only puts negative thoughts in your head that cloud your thinking. Your energy is only attracting negative outcomes to come your way.

If you are trying to become a person who always has good things happening to them, there are three things you can do to start. First, you have to think about it. This means you have to start thinking about your intentions and envision what it could look like. The second step is to feel it. Let whatever thoughts you have manifested take over your energy. Last, you have to believe in whatever you are manifesting. Going through the motions is not true manifestation. You have to truly believe that whatever you are thinking could happen to you, or the whole process falls through. In life, we all manifest unconsciously in instances like oversleeping when you were constantly worrying about waking up late the night before.

However, there is a challenge with manifesting consciously. Doing this will make us happier and less reliant on things like luck to make things go our way. Of course, thinking things will always go your way just because you believe in it isn’t always true. Sometimes we feel so confident after an interview just to find out that we didn’t get the position. Manifestation teaches us that the universe (or whatever God you believe in) has a path for us and some things are not meant to happen.  Still though, it is better to strive to believe that things will happen because that will only help you succeed, even if there are exceptions.