Improvement Needed in Campus Laundry Rooms

Improvement Needed in Campus Laundry Rooms

Chaz Young, Sports Editor

It is no secret that the laundry rooms on campus are leave much to be desired, but for the cost of living on campus that most of us are spending while attending the University of Hartford, students should expect better accommodations. From the lack of available washing machines, to the odor-creating dirty water supply that feeds the washers, to having washing machines that can barely even compare to the standards of a regular coin-operated machine of a laundromat, the list of drawbacks is enough to cause major headaches for any student on laundry day.

While some may say that us students are complaining over nothing, and should instead be thankful that the machines are free for students to use, we are still paying the cost of washing our clothes in our tuition and room and board costs. The University of Hartford should invest in washing machines that are much like the ones you would find in a conventional laundromat. Those particular washers not only clean clothes better, but would overall better the students’ experiences when doing laundry.

Companies like Wascomat, Dexter, Maytag, Continental Rubber, Huebsch, and more all produce quality products which the University could choose from to replace our current machines with little extra effort or cost. These companies have a great track record of cleaning clothes to make them spotless, that will and should be made available for all the complexes sooner rather than later.

It would be to my delight to see the campus administration making an effective change to better the student experience while living on campus. The laundry rooms would provide a great starting point for renovations to better the overall quality of student life.  While the investment would be no small task, in the long run, it may be worthwhile to upgrade the laundry rooms to boost student morale. I for one, have been continuously disappointed by the outdated and ill-equipped laundry rooms on campus. Therefore upgrading the laundry rooms and their machines should be a priority.