The top ten fruits ranked


Image Courtesy: Mason Brooks

Justin Schmidt, Staff Writer

As most people should agree, fruit is an integral part of our everyday lives. Even beyond consuming “real” fruits, just about everyone will eat something that is fruit flavored throughout the day. Think about what you have eaten today, and I am sure you had maybe some strawberry yogurt, or even a banana muffin. Fruit is all around us in the world we live in. Let me start out my discussion of the top-ten fruits by acknowledging that everyone reading this should be conscious of their tastes, and therefore everything I say is completely subjective.

So without further ado, rounding out the bottom of our list at ten is Cantaloupe. You either love it or hate it, but regardless cantaloupe is in every fruit salad you have ever consumed and therefore, the sheer popularity and flexibility of this melon fruit is hard to dismiss.

Coming in at number nine is a white shirt’s worst nightmare, the raspberry. The least common of the “popular” berries, they can make a simple dessert look gourmet, or can even act as hair for your favorite Lego character.

Number eight is going to come as a shock for its low-ranking, but mostly because who wants to cut up an entire watermelon. Now, if we are talking about buying pre-sliced watermelon, you could argue that it should be bumped up a few spots. However, watermelon seeds are also not the most fun thing to spit out, and create quite a labor intensive fruit-devouring experience.

Number seven is also often bought pre-sliced, but in its defense I would much rather cut up a pineapple than spend all of eternity slicing a melon. Pineapple is a sweet delight and deserves the seventh slot on this list, however it cannot be pushed much higher because it does not pair well with other foods, and do not even think about putting it on pizza.

My sixth contender is the fruit of the people, as one might say, you do not know anyone who hates it, because how could you hate a blueberry muffin?  Blueberries mix so well into all kinds of baked goods, salads, and are perfect on their own as well.

Right above blueberries at number five is the strawberry. You probably ate, and loved something today Strawberry flavored, so why would I leave it at five, and no higher? Well that’s because this is my list, and while I respect those strawberry fanatics out there, it cannot compare to some of the elite fruits.

As told by a friend, number four on our list is the “halftime snack”. It is easy to carry around, sneak in class, and oranges are there for you when you are  fatiguing or just want a quick easy and delicious snack.  The only drawback is the lingering orange aroma that you cannot shake from your hands, even after three washes.

On to the top three now, things get very tight.  Grapes come in at the three spot, as they are good on their own and even better when thrown into a fruit salad. I know you pick them out to eat first because, well, so do I. Who does not love the feeling of throwing a grape in the air and catching it in your mouth?

There is an apple for everyone, which is why this fruit comes in at two on my list. Like a nice tart taste? Boom, green apple. More of a sweet kind of person? Fuji is the one for you. There are thousands of apples which means you absolutely have to like at least one.

Now the moment you have all been waiting to come across, the number one fruit. The undisputed king of fruits has to be the banana. Portable, the best muffin flavor, and the perfect post workout snack. The facts are just there; bananas will never break your heart, or leave you alone at prom, they will keep you satisfied, and are a great source of potassium so how could you not love them?

Some honorable mentions to this list are clementine and tangerines, which were not able to crack the list only because of their seasonal availability. In addition, honeydew and pears are not on here because they are just horrible. Lemon and limes have their purpose, but just are not meant to be eaten as a standalone snack. There is definitely some room to move these rankings around but adding fruits always makes things more difficult.