Student Spotlight: Che.Cody


Image Courtesy of Che.Cody

Asia Arce, Editor In Chief

In his junior year at UHart, Che.Cody has already made a name for himself. In the past week, he has released his second EP “Far From Home 2”, with several features from other UHart artists. Although he is currently studying business entrepreneurship, Che.Cody has bigger plans that involve a life surrounded by art and music.

The earliest memory he has of music is with his father, “My dad walked in with a clarinet and was like, ‘yeah, you’re going to learn this,”. So he did just that… along with the piano, saxophone, and guitar. His background with instruments is evident with this new EP as each song shows the different ways he chooses to experiment with sounds. The entirety of the EP from the music to the cover art is fun, bright, and “definitely groovy”, as he describes it.

When asked who inspires him, Che.Cody found it difficult to answer. Rather than name specific artists, Che.Cody listed his friends and life experiences as what motivates him to put his words to a beat. In fact, some of his friends that inspired him, and those featured on his EP, are fellow students at UHart all belonging to something called the 205 Collective on campus.

The 205 Collective started in a dorm room, on campus, in 2017 with a few music producers. What they initially hoped for, was to find people who all wanted to make music and collaborate amongst each other. What evolved from that tiny dorm room was bigger than what they all had imagined. To this day, the 205 Collective has evolved significantly to include not only producers, but also singers, dancers, painters, photographers, videographers, and so much more. “If you want to pursue it to the fullest extent, 205 is here with open arms,” Che.Cody says about those on campus with a passion.

Courtesy of Che.Cody

Now that “Far From Home 2 is out”, what is next for Che.Cody? “I know I just dropped a tape, but I’m ready to start working again”. Does he believe his newest EP is his best work? Yes and no. “‘With Far From Home 2’, I set out to create my best songs to date”. He acknowledges that he has work to do with his craft and that while he is happy with this release, he is not content to stay complacent where he is. Che.Cody is eager to learn and create more for the future. Check out Che.Cody and his newest EP on Soundcloud and Instagram.