Baseball’s Newest Problem is the Best Thing for Them

Photo Credit: Bob Levey

Photo Credit: Bob Levey

RJ Dion, Staff Writer

The new scandal in baseball is one regarding technology and the use of it to steal signs and then win essential games for the Astros and Red Sox, and a vital link connects them, Alex Cora. At this point, four people have lost their jobs due to the evidence on the Astros in the 2017 playoffs and season, which brought them an emotional win after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston.

What they did has been announced as stealing signs and relaying them to batters in the use of whistles, hitting a trash can, and even sequenced claps from the entire team. This cost the Houston team four future draft picks, there GM, head coach, and five million dollars in fines.

The ripple effects have hit in both New York and Boston, where the Mets and Redsox have released their head coaches, Carlos Beltran and Alex Cora, of there positions due to there link in the scandal. So far, the investigation on the 2018 World Series Redsox has just started, but it’s rumored to based on the use of a film room right outside of the dugout during home games. But the internet has made this scandal way worse than anticipated.

Twitter has spread the story at a rapid pace and brought up more incidents where the Astros have cheated after 2017 and in more ways than imagined. There is a conspiracy theory going around were star players Jose Altuve, Josh Reddick, and Alex Bregman had buzzers attached to their armpits that are connected to the film room in the clubhouse. If this is true, it would change the basis of the whole scandal and would push the blame to players and not management.

The upside to the viral issue is how it has made people even talk about baseball; something that was impossible to think about just months ago. Baseball is no longer the sport of the USA. Still, with the attention on these two teams, it could only bring fans back to their groups in support of beating these successful cheaters, especially the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers, who are two teams who lost in the playoffs to these teams in these questioned years.

If you wanted a reason to get into baseball here is a fun way to jump back into it, following this story on twitter will be the highlight of my upcoming weeks and I recommend it to everyone reading.