The Cheesiest Valentine’s Day Gift of All Time

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Danielle Hart, Staff Writer

It’s about that time of year again. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (literally tomorrow), we can start up the conversation of what to gift your valentine. For this issue, I will be chalking up the five cheesiest, and I mean the extra cheese pizza, with more cheese on the side, cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts. Here are five gifts you should probably avoid giving to avoid the cheese.

The fifth cheesiest gift is the classic Valentine’s Day card. If you went to elementary school, you probably remember getting 25-plus cutout cards and lollipops from all of your classmates. These little cards had the cheesiest quotes on them, such as “You are dino-mite,” or “You’re a treat,” but they were sure to make my little third grade heart smile.

Number four, we have the box of chocolates. Now if you are lucky, you will get a box of chocolates shaped as a heart! This is the most cliche present for anyone to receive on February 14. Nowadays, this gift is gender neutral and can be given to anyone you are crushing on, which does make it versatile, but still reeks of parmesan.

Third from the top, a heart-shaped necklace. This gift, as thoughtful as it can be, is the third most cheesy gift, only for its appearance. Any necklace that has a small gem inside of either an infinity sign or a heart, is incredibly basic and you should probably rethink your next move.

Second cheesiest, and my personal favorite, goes to the giant teddy bear. The giant teddy bear is notorious for a literal grand Valentine’s Day gesture. This gesture is not only one of the cheesiest in my mind, but is actually featured in the movie Valentine’s Day. Taylor Swift’s character carries around the big teddy bear her boyfriend, Taylor Lautner gets for her on Valentine’s Day.

The corniest, cheesiest, and most basic Valentine’s Day gift is… Drum roll please… a ring. A ring is the most predictable gift anyone can give. Whether it is an engagement ring, a promise ring, or a ring just to say ‘i love you,’ it still sends cheesy vibes so please, stay out of the jewelry store.

Whatever you receive (or don’t) for Valentine’s Day, be appreciative of the person giving it to you. If it is the most cheesy or the most original, Valentine’s Day is not about the presents. It is about the love and affection you give and receive from others. So whether you’re single, taken, or complicated, have a very special Valentine’s Day!