Crushes: Shoot your Shot

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Kensley Hawkins, Special to the Informer

Crushes — we have had them throughout life, and probably will continue to have them for as long as we live. So today I am going to sit here and encourage everyone to either: a) suck it up, buttercup, or b) do what I do and just dream. I truly believe people are capable of facing their biggest fears even if it might kill them a little on the inside.

There are three solid steps to confronting your crush and asking them out on a date. Start with looking presentable, as you do not want to look like a scary tragedy right out of a movie. Then you want to be calm, take a few breaths and come up with a solid conversation starter. Finally, hit them with a “you know, I really enjoyed this conversation and I would really like to continue it over some pizza if you are up for it.” Also do not forget the solid smile, and maybe even a wink if you are feeling wicked.

Now let us pause here for a second.  If we are being realistic here, asking people out on dates in today’s society hardly ever happens; I mean it even sounds foreign to me personally. What most people do today is maybe meet their crush through a friend and get to know them at that very moment. So, ladies and gentlemen, when you are being introduced, that would be the perfect moment to make a move. Right then and there is your best opportunity. However, there is always the little shy feeling you get, right in the pit of your stomach,which grows bigger and bigger. So what do you end up doing? You back out. Yup, you officially become a wimp within a solid twenty to thirty seconds and you just stand there awkwardly staring at your crush, hoping he or she does not notice. Let me whisper a secret in your ear: they noticed.

A fortune cookie once told me, “It’s time you asked that special someone out on a date.” Now I am personally not a big fan of dating or relationships, but I am also human, and therefore, I have feelings that need to be acknowledged. So here I am going to acknowledge them: yes, ladies and gentlemen I have a little crush on someone whom I have never spoken to. He is attractive, in my opinion, and therefore, I do not want, or need, anyone else’s opinion. Now am I going to do anything about this crush? Probably not, but it is okay because like anyone who has a crush, I am just going to sit and imagine millions of scenarios about what this man and I could be. Now like I said before, you can meet your crushes through your friends and this especially applies to me. I have friends who know him and yet here I am still being a wimp. I see this man every day; I obviously know his name, his age, his major, his hometown and the high school he went to. Stalkerish much? Well, maybe, but it is not in the way you may be thinking. It is simply innocent, informative admiration.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, because there are plenty of people, myself included, who get nervous and think they have zero chance of getting with a person they think about 24/7. On top of thinking they have zero chance, they also think that their crush is way out of their league, and that they can do so much better than the person standing right in front of them, a.k.a. you. So that is why I am reaching out to everyone who knows the struggle, and I am telling you life is too short to be questioning yourself. Sitting there wondering if you are  good enough is a waste of time. Get up from your bed, chair, or couch and text the dude or dudette with confidence and caution! if they respond, that is phenomenal, and if not, well, that is okay too. Let out your tears of embarrassment and go out the next day and pretend nothing happened. That is what my mother taught me, and it is what I am here teaching you. There are so many people in the world, so it is okay if that one just is not the one. As for me, well, I am going to ponder my own advice and hopefully live by it, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been great writing to you, but unfortunately this is where I must take my leave. I have plenty of dark chocolate to eat, while watching some chick flick, daydreaming about him. I highly encourage everyone to take my advice, though, and grow a solid, durable — you know — and shoot your shot. This is 2020, and the game has officially changed for good. There are no rules stating that you cannot act upon your feelings. So I am truly empathic when I say GO FOR IT! I know it is cliche and all, but you only live once and why not go out with a couple of crazy, exciting stories about your amazing love life that may or may not exist? Who knows? I may even take my own advice.