In my last semester of college…

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Asia Arce, Editor In Chief

It is my last semester of college… forever. As of right now, I do not plan on continuing my academic career beyond getting a bachelor’s degree, so for now this is it. A degree that will be handed to me is just around the corner. It is hard to describe how I am feeling about this last lap of college into just one word. However, if I had to, I would describe this last semester as… bittersweet.

Although I plan on keeping in contact with the people I have met here, I know that when my time here is done, I leave behind certain traditions I have made with those people here as well. Study breaks with random dance moments to relieve tension will be a thing of the past once next September rolls around. The random meetups and dinner dates at Hawks Nest will only be something I keep in memory of my time as an undergrad. It is bitter knowing that as graduation looms around the corner, my time here at UHart is coming to end.

This person that I have created during these four years here will go on to grow and experience a whole new chapter. In a weird way, it is almost like I have to part ways with who I am as a college student, and say “hello” to whoever this new version of me will be. However, while I could dwell on the sadder parts about what this last semester means, I instead can embrace and welcome this new journey that is ahead of me. I cannot wait to fully experience what life is like not being college. The amount of free time I will now have to work on what I love, or to go on adventures will, hopefully, be endless. I need to take this time to once again figure out who I am. I am excited for what this new part of life will offer. From starting a new career, to meeting new people, my life after college will undoubtedly be challenging and a bit scary, but it will be worth it once I can look back and smile at the person I hope to be. Thanks for the memories UHart, I will now be moving on to the next chapter and I cannot wait to see what is in store.