Learn more with the Muslim Student Association


Image Courtesy of Asia Arce

Asia Arce, Staff Writer

Members of the Muslim Student Association, MSA, took the time on March 4th to answer any questions students had about both them and Islam. The event, which also doubled as a fundraiser for the club, happened in order to spread awareness and address misconceptions that have been following most of the members throughout their lives. Those who attended the event learned the different ways in which both men and women, in Islam, exercise their want to be modest, and what modesty means to them. Along with this, students were also able to try on hijabs and were taught the different ways in which other women wear their scarves. Although World Hijab Day was February 1st, MSA believes that spreading awareness is not something that should just be limited to one day. For future events, MSA wants students and staff to know that they are collaborating with the Asian Student Association, ASA, for the Jewels of Asia Gala, happening on March 7th. They also want students to look out for a similar event of promoting awareness next year on World Hijab Day. The Muslim Student Association is open for everyone, not just Muslims. President Ahmed Javid, a junior, wants everyone to know that although they do not have weekly meetings, MSA does have an open group chat, which he encourages for all those interested to join.