Asian-American businesses in CT struggling

Cassie O'Neill, Staff Writer

With the growing panic surrounding the spread of coronavirus throughout the world, Asian-American owned restaurants in Connecticut have noticed a sudden drop in the amount of overall sales.

While some say it is due to recent economic stress, others believe the public is at risk of contamination when consuming Asian cuisine.

“It’s very hard to keep our employees here. We can’t pay them.

It’s a bit rough,” said Jack Chiang, the manager of a local eatery.

On Tuesday, Governor Ned Lamont decided to show his support for the businesses impacted by coronavirus fears, and dined at Shu Restaurant in West Hartford.

“This virus does not discriminate and neither should we. W

e should be out here supporting all of our great restaurants,” said Lamont in a public statement.

Also stopping by for dinner was Attorney General William Tong, whose parents used to own a Chinese restaurant nearby.

“This is very personal for all of us and it’s very personal for me,” said Tong. Lamont encouraged Connecticut residents to not let misinformation stop them from going about their daily lives, and to support their local businesses through this difficult time.