UHart continues construction


Image Courtesy of Alex Ortiz

Julia St. Amand, Staff Writer

The University of Hartford has recently posted fencing and walkways around the academic side of campus to focus on the new building in production.

An email was sent out on February 11th stating the details of the new building, as well as K lot’s unavailability for parking at this time of construction.

Temporary sidewalks are also being installed for the duration of the project.

Over the course of the next few months, the foundations of the building will be the main focus of work. In February, March, and April, the focus is on relocating utilities, while in late April and part of May will be working on excavation, and the concrete foundation pouring in late May and part of June.

After that, July will consist of applying steel beams for the base.

This large project will include the creation of this building at a whopping 60,000 square feet of space.

Hartford.edu reports that the building will be best suited for students in part of the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture, as well as the College of Education, Nursing, and Health Professions.

The goal of the project is to make academic and personal endeavors in the University run more smoothly for students in upcoming years. The University hopes to open the $90 million building for student access in the fall of 2021.The building boasts lots of high tech improvements, including items such as environment friendly features like a green-roof that coincides with the natural environment, intentional gathering spaces outside the building for improved utility of the surrounding areas, health simulation, robotics, 3-Dimensional printing technologies, high-bay mechanical engineering and cyber-security labs with marker spaces.

The intention here is to attract students with high motivations to become professionals in the new and ever-growing fields of study that we hold here at the University of Hartford, as times change and the improvements in technology make great strides in the future years.