Pushing the Limits of My Creativity

Asia Arce, Editor In Chief

From the type of people I met, to the different equipment I had access to, UHart provided me endless opportunities to create content. However, since we have all had to go home and social distance ourselves from everyone, I cannot help but stress over what my portfolio to future employers will look like. Interacting with others is limited, streets are barren, and all I have to use is my phone. Needless to say, I am having a creative block. Everything that inspires me and interests seems to have been put on a pause and I have no idea when someone will press play again. Since being home, I have watched countless videos to try to spark something in me to pick up a camera and film. While watching videos helped me understand others techniques, they did not seem to get me out of bed. However, a few days ago, I ventured out to the grocery store to find toilet paper… of course none could be found. I found it eerie, the empty shelves and stores. Why I found it eerie, I am not too sure. I have seen similar images on the news day after day and those had no affect on me. Then… it finally hit me. Although it was eerie to me, it also interested me. My mind flooded with the different ways that I could convey this same feeling so that others can experience what I felt. The desolate streets and closed businesses are worth me picking up my phone and finally filming something. In this time of social distancing, I was worried that my creative flame would get snuffed out, but the opposite is truly actually. I am having to push myself to create in situations that I would not normally think of as worthy. While it might be hard, it is definitely going to be worth it in the end to see what I can create when I am “handed” the bare minimum.