What is Netflix offering during this Pandemic?


Image Courtesy of Netflix

Asia Arce, Editor In Chief

Everything is closed. No movies, no restaurants, nothing. Besides school, what exactly is there to do? Well, has binge watching shows crossed your mind yet? Probably so. According to Forbes.com, last Tuesday, Netflix hit a “two-year high in the market”. It seems that during this pandemic, as a result of everyone being stuck inside, they have turned towards Netflix to help alleviate their boredom. However, the question now is… “what do I watch?”. Below, is a well-crafted list of some appropriate themed movies and television shows to watch while on lock down.

For some, it may seem as if the world is ending. However, at least vampires are not the cause of it. “V Wars”, starring Ian Somerhalder, is an original Netflix series following a doctor and his friend who both become exposed to an ancient prion causing vampirism. Watch as Somerhalder searches for answers, while trying to keep his family safe from the rapid amount of new vampires becoming infected every day.

Not interested in a dystopia with vampires? Then how about one with radiation? “The 100” is a fan favorite show on Netflix surrounding a group of teenagers who return back to planet Earth years later after the human race escaped to space following a radiation outbreak. With six seasons on Netflix, this show will definitely give people something to do besides stare at their walls.

“I Am Mother” is another Netflix original content that still fits into the dystopian theme, but this time, robots and technology are at the center of it all. This movie follows a young girl as she is raised by a drone after humans have become extinct. However, her world begins to get a bit bigger once she ventures out and finds another person alive and well.

Want something that still fits this theme but is much more lighthearted. Then “Daybreak” is definitely the dystopian comedy to watch. Once again, another Netflix original, this show follows teenagers after a catastrophic event that turns all adults into zombie-like creatures. Rated TV-MA for explicit language, fall in love with these hilarious characters as they often break the fourth wall to let the audiences in to what they are thinking.