How UHart Artists are coping with quarantine

Image Courtesy of Connecticut Public Radio

Robert A. Lisak

Image Courtesy of Connecticut Public Radio

John Paul Simmons, Entertainment Editor

It’s been several weeks into quarantine and students seem to be going about their regular business, except for everything going online, of course. With many industries of the world in limbo, the entertainment industry is no exception. Musicians and artists are doing what they can and taking to the worldwide web and posting content that would promote their music or their brand to the public so that when the heat of the virus dies down and after a ton of hard work, they will hopefully have enough content to engage the community and keep their brand viable.

What are artists of UHart doing, however? How are they fixing this problem? Milos Dowling, a drummer at UHart, commented on his time off during quarantine with, “I’m taking my time during quarantine to productively keep up with practicing drums and producing music. Me and my good friend Paul are even working together online to write songs to eventually record. I’m also trying to pick a new hobby or two like album cover designing and thinking about ideas for a potential film documentary.”

Che.Cody, an independent musician at UHart posts music online frequently. When asked how he is spending his time, he responded with, “It’s been pretty regular really mainly because I usually make music in isolation anyway. For me, it’s not really an open process and I really take time to myself to write and produce.”

Artist Ibu Kaurel also releases his own music from time to time. He commented on his quarantine activities with “I’m working on singles before I release my album. Putting together lots of video content, too.”

Another local artist at UHart, Knowte, tells of his progress with songwriting during quarantine. “If I’m speaking strictly from an artist’s stand point, it’s difficult to connect with the audience with there being a hold on performances. You can’t get that face-to-face time and personal interaction which, for someone like me, is where I thrive. However, I’m trying to stay positive and stay creative by making content for strictly online release to create an online presence. Whether it be remixes, videos, live streams, or stuff like that to still have that interaction. I’m also taking this time to create original content for when this is all over so I can catch that rush of people who are excited to be out again.”

You can check out Knowte’s most recent single “Game Boy” on YouTube and SoundCloud and you can also check out his weekly “midweek motivations” on his social media accounts!