No Sports?

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T.J. Hummel, Sports Editor

As students awaited news on whether or not we were coming back to school, athletes had an even more nerve-racking wait. Athletes were in limbo if they were going to be able to play the sports they love in the coming school year. With the pandemic going on, student-athletes faced their first hurdle, the cancelation of the spring sports last semester.

In early March, the University saw the pandemic spreading around the world and the United States. With the world and our surroundings changing rapidly, the athletes of spring sports were hit with their first big news, the cancelation of spring sports for the remainder of the semester. Not far after, all students were sent home to finish the semester entirely online.

The semester came to an end and it wasn’t the ending everyone was expecting. With COVID-19 still rampant in Connecticut, the students didn’t know what to expect from the coming semester. The news broke that the fall sports programs were to be put on hold, causing some shock and awe. Athletes on campus couldn’t compete for their school and their fans. What was going to happen with athlete life on campus?

The University of Hartford was able to group athletes together in the Villiage quads 1 and 2. Per the University’s guest policy, students are prohibited from going into someone else’s room that isn’t theirs. But, on the bright side, students and athletes are able to spend time together outside, with masks on and social distancing of course!

I know the campus isn’t the same without sports, but we can’t wait to see our athletes take flight when they are able to hit the field, the court, or the diamond.