Cool Cats and Commercial Breaks

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Debbie Phillips, Entertainment Editor

Monday night was the premiere of season 29 for Dancing with the Stars. Some dances were a hit while others were a miss, but it was the first episode so there is always room for improvement.

Carole Baskin closed the night by performing her dance last – a Paso doble to the song “Eye of The Tiger” with fake tigers in cages for props, very fitting for the cat lover and CEO of Big Cat Rescue.

However, what really caught viewers’ attention was not actually anything that was aired on the actual episode instead it is was aired during a commercial break. The ad that has everyone talking? “Justice for Don Lewis.”

For those who didn’t binge “Tiger King” during the COVID-19 shutdown in March, Carole Baskin was previously married to a man named Don Lewis. Baskin and Lewis’ marriage started to go sour and in 1997 Lewis’ disappeared under suspicious circumstances. In over two-decades since the disappearance there have been no charges or suspects.

Lewis’ from a previous marriage has three grown daughters who have always been apprehensive of Baskin and her motives from the beginning of the relationship with their father. Likewise, Lewis’ long-time assistant Anne has also been suspicious of Baskin’s involvement with the disappearance.

The ad has now gone viral on YouTube, after only airing in some states during the show. The ad features Lewis’ three daughters Gale, Lynda and Donna, as well as his former assistant Anne. In the commercial they are also joined by Lewis family attorney John M. Phillips while they demand “justice for Don Lewis.” In the ad they also ask the audience if they “know who did it or if Carole Baskin was involved” the commercial ends with an offer of a $100, 000 reward and the number to a tip line.

Although Baskin had the lowest score of the night, it would be interesting to see how this drama progresses throughout the next episode, if she will drop out of the competition by choice or be eliminated by her low scores. Next episode we will have the verdict.