Welcome to UHart Bees!

Image Courtesy of @uhartbees on Instagram

Image Courtesy of @uhartbees on Instagram

Grace Mittleman, Staff Writer

What is with all the buzz on campus? Ever since coming back to our lovely campus, the bees have come in a full swarm ready to greet students.  Although bees are a part of our natural makeup, we call Earth, it can also hurt to be stung by one.

I think as a student body, we can all agree that the bees on campus have definitely left their sting since coming back to school.  A group of students saw this aspect of campus life and decided to honor these insects by creating an Instagram account for them.

The Instagram account is under the title @uhartbees.  “We want to be anonymous but there are multiple people running the account,” @uhartbees replied to me via direct message, “We basically made it to make light of all the yellowjackets because they are super annoying, and everyone hates them.”  The students running the account have been making clever edits with bees, with captions ranging from funny ones to reminders of wearing your mask.

@uhartbees has garnered 761 followers in a span of under three weeks.  If you are a UHart student, if you’re living on campus, or if you don’t like bees flying in your face when you’re trying to enjoy a delicious meal, consider giving this account a follow.  I guarantee that it will make you laugh, and it will be a bright spot in your day.