Top 10 Moments Since Sports Have Returned That Would’ve Been Electrifying With Fans.

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Aaron Weiner, Staff Writer

There are several moments in sports that are electrifying. There is nothing better than watching that electrifying moment with the energy of the fans pulsing through the crowd. In fact, something fun to do is watch some huge sports moments and look at the reactions of each of the fans as that moment is unfolding.

For example, when Kawhi Leonard made his historic shot to send home the 76ers that ultimately helped propel the Raptors to a championship and sent Joel Embiid babbling in tears down the tunnel, you could vividly see the exact moment where each fan was filled with exhilaration and euphoria of their beloved hometown team heading to the next round in Game 7.

Due to the obvious reasons, the crowd element has been lacking from the sports experience. Today we are looking at the best moments since the return of sports that would’ve been awesome with the crowd element.

  1. Anthony Davis’ clutch shot to beat the Nuggets at the buzzer.

Anthony Davis is one of the best players in the NBA today so to see the ball in his hands with time winding down was no surprise. When Davis put up the shot and sunk it his teammates rushed him and it gave the Lakers a 2-0 series lead in the WCF. Although this was a buzzer-beater and those are some of the most exciting moments in sports, the reason this is not higher is that this game took place during another electrifying game which was SNF Patriots vs Seahawks which had many eyes on the game.

  1. Celtics Defeat Raptors in thrilling Game 7.

Although this wasn’t as much of a moment as it was more of the entire game, this one felt like one long moment because this game had Boston fans and Toronto fans alike on the edge of their seat the entire night. Both teams are defensive juggernauts, and it was a defensive battle like you read about with a final score of 92-87, and the game-winning play was a game-winning block by all defensive player Marcus Smart to seal the deal. The fan element was one that certainly impacted the game as the Raptors are known for having one of the most hostile environments in the entire NBA and can certainly impact a game.

  1. Nuggets come back from a 3-1 deficit to send Clippers packing.

This was another moment that got all of twitter talking but not anyone in the stands because there was no one there. The Clippers quickly went from a very likable team at the beginning of the season to one of the most hated teams within a few months because of their loud, outspoken manner with players like Patrick Beverly, Montrezel Harell, and Marcus Morris. It would’ve been a delight to watch the clippers fans watch their team blow a 3-1 lead on their own territory.

  1. Joe Kelly takes out emotions on Astros.

Coming into the baseball season there was no one in the entire sports world happier about there being no fans than the Houston Astros. With one of the most hectic offseason in recent baseball memory, the Houston Astros went from a likable team with talented starts to root for to probably the most hated baseball team of all time. The Houston Astros diminished the integrity of the game of getting caught amid a hefty sign-stealing scandal. No one was more enraged by this more than the Los Angeles Dodgers whom they faced in the 2017 world series. Joe Kelly took out his emotions and threw a pitch behind Alex Bregman, and the only thing missing from that moment was what would’ve been maybe the loudest boos of all time.

  1. Seahawks vs. Patriots Thriller.

The Seahawks and Patriots seem to put on an instant classic every time they meet, and their most recent battle did not disappoint. With two electrifying QB’s in Cam Newton and Russell Wilson the 12th man (the Seahawks fans) always makes one of the craziest atmospheres in sports and whenever these two teams go at it, they are bound to go crazy. The game ended with a big stop by Seattle’s defense which would’ve sent the crowd into a frenzy.